Daniel Nass

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Like many children, I took a few years of piano lessons. And like many an adult, I now regret not taking them for a longer period of time, developing a strong technique on which I could now rely when composing music. I find the piano to be the most daunting of all instruments for which to compose. It is, perhaps, ironic that I feel confident writing for an instrument that I’ve never once picked up, such as a cello, but when it comes to writing for the piano, I feel completely at sea. These preludes have afforded me an opportunity to confront my keyboard reservations head-on, so that I might finally create works for piano that I myself would enjoy playing — had I the skill to do so.

  • 3:18
    Matthew McCright, piano
  • 2:46
    Matthew McCright, piano
  • 3:33
    Matthew McCright, piano